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2500 SW  3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33129, United States

Hours Of Operation

Open from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Different programs are available for all age groups

Meet the Character

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Mrs. Green

Patient, sweet, and very creative

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Loves learning, puzzles, and water.

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Brave, adventurous, and very active.

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Loves ballet, colors, and art.

Over 30 years of experience in Early Childhood Education

Welcome to BFA, where your child will learn in a positive, safe, and loving environment. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a happy, safe and inclusive environment in which children are encouraged to explore their potential!

Let their minds fly, along with their dreams!

BFA is a magical place for young minds bristling with excitement, full of imagination and possibility.

Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

We are inspired by the smiles of your children!

With more than 30 years of experience in the child education field, our goal is to impact and shape the lives of our children. We provide a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate learning environment for children. We strive to appreciate and respect each child’s uniqueness in learning styles and his/her pace in intellectual & physical growth. Our Staff focuses on each child’s individual needs and promotes his/her development through providing educational and age-appropriate programs.

The most important aspect of the foundation for the development of a child is love. With love, the child learns to TRUST and experience that the world is safe, and TRUST is their first step of development.

Bright Futures Academy is focused on building that TRUST among our little learners. When they develop autonomy and confidence, they can do things on their own.

Because our children are the most important thing we have, the safety and security of our children is our #1 priority. Not only physical but emotional security so they can blossom and develop their self-esteem and confidence.

Our Center has:

  • Life Streaming Video Monitoring
  • Photocatalytic Air Purifier
  • All Staff is First Aid and CPR certified
  • Alarm and Monitoring System
  • Childproof classrooms and common areas

Extra Curricular Activities






Lego Robotics

Coding Camps

Our Classroom Layout

BFA classrooms are designed to allow children to explore different areas in an innovative and fun way. Offering strategies for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation, and responding to challenging behaviors in a sanitized and safe environment.

About the Teachers

The passion for children and education is our drive for excellence. Every staff member is well prepared and trained in early childhood education and CPR / First Aid certified. Bright Futures Academy follows Apple Accreditation and Gold Seal standards.

How to Enroll?

BFA Tours Are Given Daily. Please Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment.

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